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California Baby Aromatherapy Shampoo & Bodywash Calendula - 8.5 fl. oz.

California Baby Calendula Aromatherapy Shampoo & Bodywash (255 ml)

Soothe and heal skin naturally with what California Baby thinks is nature’s best skin healing ingredient, Calendula (kal’ len’ dula). Commonly known as Pot Marigold, this flower has been used to safely soothe and heal skin for centuries. California Baby Calendula Aromatherapy Shampoo & Bodywash uses an active percentage of this wonderful flower that California Baby calls Nature’s First-Aid. California Baby Calendula Aromatherapy Shampoo & Bodywash is gentle enough for everyday use and is recommended for those with sensitive, irritated or extremely dry skin and helps to soothe dermatitis, eczema, and cradle cap because of its slightly astringent action. California Baby®= natural vegetable glucoside cleansers are sulfate free, non-stripping and extremely biodegradable, making washing a non-drying and effortless affair. California Baby's light & fresh Calming essential oil blend adds to the bathing experience. California Baby Calendula Aromatherapy Shampoo & Bodywash leaves hair noticeably shiny, soft, and manageable.

  • Age: Newborn and older
  • For Use: For hair, face & body.
  • Scent: California Baby's special Calming aromatherapy blend that includes French lavender

A note from Jessica, developer of California Baby:

"I try to use a different shampoo every day. But sometimes I get stuck on a scent and just want to use it all the time. This happened last summer when all I wanted to use was our Swimmer’s Defense Shampoo & Bodywash and Hair Conditioner. I just couldn’t get enough of that summery scent! This Calendula Shampoo & Bodywash is my new obsession. It has an herbal quality that mixes nicely with our signature Calming essential oil blend, and leaves my hair manageable and a shine that can’t be beat. Perfect for those that like a little extra cleaning power as the Calendula has an astringent quality that compliments the soothing and healing properties." 

For Grownups:

  • A great non-drying facial wash for adults (and teenagers!) with sensitive or problem skin.

Benefits & Features:

  • Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients
  • Active botanical: Calendula officinalis is well known for its safe skin healing properties
  • Concentrated & biodegradable
  • Extremely mild, no-tear, no numbing agents
  • Two-in-one formula
  • Gently cleans sensitive, irritated, extremely dry skin & scalp
  • For hair, face, and body
  • Leaves hair noticeably shiny, soft, and manageable
  • No sulfates
  • Non-stripping, non-drying
  • Highly recommended for eczema, dermatitis, and other skin sensitivities
  • Helps to heal cradle cap and seborrhoeic dermatitis with anti-inflammatory properties


Dispense a dime-to quarter-sized amount into palm, massage into wet hair starting at the scalp and working to the ends. Rinse. Repeat if needed. Follow with California Baby's hair conditioner or detangler. Use as bodywash in place of regular soap in bath and shower.


100% Vegan. No animal ingredients. Biodegradable. No sodium lauryl sulfate. Non-stripping. No gluten, soy, oat, dairy or nuts except for coconut (seed of a drupaceous fruit), which is not typically restricted in the diets of people with tree nut allergies.  

Active Ingredients:*calendula officinalis (calendula)  

Other Ingredients: Aqua (purified water), *aloe barbadensis (aloe vera), *decyl glucoside and *lauryl glucoside (corn, coconut and palm), quillaja saponaria (soap bark), herbal blend of: *cereus grandiflorus extract (cactus), *carrageenan (Irish moss), *viola tricolor extract (pansy), *salix alba (willow bark), and *yucca aloifolia extract (yucca), vegetable glycerin, *simmondsia chinensis oil (jojoba oil), tocopherol (Vitamin E), panthenol (Vitamin B-5), *pure essential oils of lavandula angustifolia (French lavender), and salvia sclarea (clary sage), capryloyl glycine and undecylenoyl glycine (preservative/amino acids)  

*certified organic, sustainable or renewable.


California Baby products smell good and children might want to take a taste; although safe and natural, if ingested, your pediatrician should be your first point of contact. External use only.

I have food allergies and am following a restricted diet. What products are appropriate for my use?
California Baby products are free from common allergens such as milk, egg, peanut, walnut, cashew, almond and pecans, fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat. California Baby products are also free of gluten and casein. 

Are your products hypoallergenic?
California Baby products contain safe and effective ingredients that have withstood the test of time including plant extracts, botanicals and essential oils. California Baby avoids ingredients that cause irritation or provoke allergic reactions—highest on the list is synthetic fragrances, which may contain phthalates and other irritants. To ensure purity, California Baby does not use ingredients that show any sign of irritation. Do this for 7 days. If you are sensitive to a product it is likely to show up during this test.

Are your products non-comedogenic?
This term refers to ingredients in beauty products that clog the pores and can cause blackheads, pimples or cosmetic-related acne. California Baby does not use potentially comedogenic, non-natural ingredients like mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin and dyes that are commonly found in other personal care products. 

Are your products safe for pregnant women to use?
California Baby Super Sensitive products (no fragrance) are an excellent choice for use during pregnancy. California Baby recommends that any expectant mother check with her physician before changing her skin care routine with our products, or any other line of products. 

I am a Vegan. What products can I use?
All California Baby products start with a vegetarian point of view. California Baby makes two products that utilize animal ingredients: California Baby Diaper Rash Cream contains an ultra-purified lanolin and our sunblock sticks contain beeswax. The choice was made to use lanolin and beeswax as water barriers instead of the typical (cheaper and cruder) petroleum and fish oil alternatives. Lanolin is extracted from the wool of the sheep and is not considered a body fat. Beeswax is hypoallergenic and is considered acceptable by many vegetarians. 

Do you test on animals?
California Baby does NOT conduct product or ingredient tests of any kind on animals.

Do you use organic ingredients? Are any of your products certified organic?
A note from Jessica, developer of California Baby: "At California Baby, we believe that a personal care product that is natural, safe and sustainable is more beneficial to our consumers and the planet than simply bearing an organic seal—the current USDA organic seal is designed for food—not personal care; the safety and efficacy of all the ingredients (active and inactive) are not the primary objective of the code, which we feel should be an important component of any cosmetics standard. After all, personal hygiene products are not food. Currently there are a few new personal care organic standards being developed, and California Baby is on the forefront of developments and will keep you posted.

From day one (1995), California Baby has always purchased organic ingredients and we continue to always to “look to buy organic.” But we also have our own—very stringent guidelines—and the two don’t always coalesce. For instance, we require that our vegetable oils not be processed in a facility that also processes nuts. The oils may be available organically but if they are processed in a facility that also processes nuts—this is not acceptable to us. This is just once instance where organic is not the better choice for us.:

Jessica, the developer of California Baby has served on the steering committee of the new Natural Standard backed by the Natural Products Association (NPA) and we comment frequently on organic rule making message boards, in addition to being an active and compliant co-signer of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (EWG). California Baby is involved in the developments of Green Chemistry, which promotes a cradle-to-cradle product life-cycle concept. By being involved in the development of standards, California Baby ensures that the standards remain stringent yet progressive so that they help to shape regulations on a state and national level.

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California Baby Aromatherapy Shampoo & Bodywash Calendula - 8.5 fl. oz.

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